Structured Cabling & Local Area Networks(LAN)

Axis Business Concept Ltd offers a one stop solution for structured cabling and integration for today and the future.


A building’s structured cabling system is an essential part of the modern business structure and is one of the very few IT components that is not changed or refreshed every few years. During the course of 10 to 20 years you will probably upgrade your servers, PCs, network switches, telephones a number of times yet it is unusual for you to consider changing the foundation to all this the structured cabling.

Structured cabling supports your network, and has a direct impact on you achieving true network reliability.

Consider the ISO 7 layer model on which all communication protocols are built it sits below the bottom of the stack and provides the foundation for all your data, voice and video services to run on. Or if you consider the ISO 7 layer model as a multistory building with its penthouse suites on the top i.e. your applications which run your business, the penthouse and building will only survive when built on a solid foundation.

We will work with you to establish the right products you will need to fit any building or campus layout and design. All your data, voice, video, access control, CCTV, LED lighting, cashless vending and building management systems will be taken in to consideration to ensure we design the best future proofed copper and singlemode or multimode fiber optic cabling system.


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